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As we all know, Lacoste Shoes,crocodile casual shoes charm, I believe everyone it is not strange, Lacoste (Crocodile) and two from the sports brand in the United States and France, now has a high reputation all over the world. Lacoste, 1933 was launched to date have been originally of knitted garments, the rapid development of different product line - sportswear, sports shoes, leather goods, watches, glasses, Lacoste shoes men,and even fragrance products. Lacoste recently Offering a the Ibizas a masses camouflage pattern. The shoe uses a black and pink camouflage color and with white soles. Consistent with its name, the pattern is composed by the silhouette of a large group of people, creating a very interesting visual effects. Followed at the edge of another shoes, a black plastic striped decoration, while at the tongue marked with the classic crocodile logo. Lacoste introduced 211 new spring and summer canvas shoes, Lacoste shoes women,addition to the classic strap canvas shoes with style, as well as straw soles, Rainbow Plaid dazzling style. Spring and summer with a more fashionable youth. Casual trendiness survive fall, coupled with nearly two, three quarters of the name of "retro pop" slogan, the traditional kind of rubber-soled casual shoes and a comeback this spring and summer trend! The runway, the major popular brands have let a male model to wear rubber-soled casual shoes, into a more dynamic and innovative elements in the original high-end positioning, the LACOSTE L,! VE, store into a new store concept in the creation and non-traditional fashion to seek a bold balance. Alternative to the traditional display cases, Lacoste Monster Sneakers,the design team used a strong modern mesh display wall hanging goods, making the products on display rich texture. Irregular pattern of the store full of personality and dynamic, marked with a red "L! VE," a large area of ​​ground glass so that the overall space appear transparent and vibrant, the wooden floor to do the old feeling people feel like being filled with the retro feel of the high school gymnasium . The LACOSTE L! VE, Lacoste 2011,bright red exclamation point as a symbol, a symbol of the unique identity of its distinctive. The LACOSTE L! The VE representative of optimism and progress in the spring and summer of 2011, the men's series was the first debut. Women series, luggage series also will be available in autumn 2011, based on the continuation of the brand tradition of courage to innovation. With bright and the colors of the upper body, and point out the season relaxed style of dress. Lacoste Camden Retro Trim,Elegant casual wave in the spring and summer, the mainstream brand of clothes are invariably full of hedonism vacation sense; soft print shirt, fun color Polo shirt, personal shorts, loose cotton slacks full shelves at the same time, side of new shoes to replace formal shoes, a few of America, Logo greater the more attractive it is forever the same law, to meet the 75th anniversary of the LACOSTE for signature crocodile logo also zoom in several times, the big assassination assassination placed in front of people want to pay no attention to the immune, Lacoste Carnaby Shoes,the range of goods from head to toe considerate, white canvas uppers can be any combination of cotton Polo shirt, straight Cardigan present are male Ya .2010 December 18, the LACOSTE L,! the VE first Asian store in Shanghai Joy layer of the grand opening, LACOSTE L! VE is a new birth of well-known fashion brands in France France crocodile (LACOSTE), an independent, young and full of fashion sense brand, Lacoste Lyndon Slip-on,is a modern interpretation of classic French crocodile (LACOSTE) noble descent with crocodile DNA, designed specifically for consumers who have their own unique insight on style, quality and cut, the first Asian store in Shanghai airborne landing. a young vibrant! the VE will bring you the thrill and fun uninhibited freedom of pulse jump. Imagination like an alligator has the perseverance? Come and wear alligator shoes!
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